Affiliates 4 Charity is a project with the goal of people who working with Internet marketing in general, and as affiliates especially, contributing to charity.

A small step for us but a giant leap for them

The Idea

The idea of the project was born when I listened to the Swedish radio programme Musikhjälpen (Swedish for music aid), which spends a week every year collecting money to Radiohjälpen’s different projects. Many companies, celebrities, and even individuals help by collecting money in different ways. One way of doing this is to challenge others to also donate. Competing and winning are strong driving forces and great motivations for many people.

The Challenge

I hereby challenge everyone working as an affiliate or with any type of Internet marketing to donate part of their income every month to a charity of their choice. I challenge you specifically as I myself make my living as an affiliate, which I enjoy very much. We as people feel good when we donate (that’s actually been proven in several studies) and it really is a nice feeling to help in creating a better world. The more we are, the more we help those who really need it.

Pay it forward

The Action

Every month I publish information on which charities were given donations and, if you wish, who made the donation. If possible I will also be glad to publish proof (for example a receipt on the donation) to avoid critics. Those are always around. How much to participate with is of course very individual, but I would suggest a percentage (for example 5-10 %) of the income of each month. If you want to be part of this exciting “feel good” project, please contact us.

Keep it simple